Chu, Peter Po-Jen
Name Chu, Peter Po-Jen
Professional field:
Physical Chemistry,
Polymer Chemistry
Research Interest 電泳聚合物和固態NMR實驗室:專注於具有出色的電泳性能的大分子的合成和表徵。我們的研究興趣集中在新型材料和基礎物理學的發展上
Country School Name Department Degree
2001.01 ~ Up to today
1993.01 ~ 2001.01
1990.01 ~ 1993.01
1987.01 ~ 1990.01
Personal Honor
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Inside School Honor 2009
Personal Research
Personal Journal
  1. Yiyun Huang, Peter Po-Jen Chu*, Yu-Shin Fang, Yu-Chen Tseng, Pinhaw “High Conductivity and Low Permeability Hydroxide Ion Exchange Membrane in Ordered Interpenetrating Network by Electric Field Poling” , Chen, J. Mem. Sci. Submitted (2017).
  1. Minghan Tsai, Yuhsuan Hsieh and Peter Po-Jen Chu*, “High Capacity Silicon Anode by Encapsulation of Network-like Poly-Bismaleimide via Ambient Temperature Photopolymerization”, J. Electrochimica Acta. Submitted (2017).
  1. Yu-Shin Fang, Yu-Chen Tseng, Yiyun Huang, “High Performance Composite Fuel Cell Membrane with Low Alcohol Permeation and High Ion Conductivity”, Peter Po-Jen Chu*, J. Power Sources, Submitted (2017).
  2. Chien-Shun Wu, Bo-Cheng Liu, Peter Po-Jen Chu*, “NMR Diffusion Studies of the Relationship between Water and Ion Transport Dynamics in Porous Polymer Membrane”, J. Phys Chem. C, Submitted (2017).
  1. Alice Yi-han Chang, Chihsin Wang, Peter Po-Jen Chu*, “Solvent Free Lithium Battery Using High Conducting EMIFSI-doped Solid Polymer Electrolytes by Electric Field Poling”, J. Power Sources, Submitted (2017).
  1. Wan-Ying Lin, Huang-Yu Lee, Peter P. Chu*, “Nitrogen-graphitized metal oxides as support for methanol oxidation catalysts”, J. Electrochimica Acta. Submitted (2017).
  1. Vahid Mazinani, Peter Po-Jen Chu *. “High temperature fuel cell membrane prepared by Electric Field Oriented Polyimide zirconium phosphate”, J. Mem. Sci. Submitted (2017).