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  The Department of Chemistry bases the graduate and undergraduate trainings on traditional sub-disciplines (organic, inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry) and two interdisciplinary areas: material and environmental chemistry. The goal is to train students for the advanced study of chemistry and to equip them with proficiency both in theory and in application of chemistry. Founded in 1993, the department has steadily continued to evolve and expand. Completed with the doctoral program established in 2001, the department now offers courses of all levels to both undergraduate and graduate students. What we have achieved both in teaching and research has been well recognized nationwide. The department roots for its success upon the vigorousness, enthusiasm, and excellence of its faculty and students. The department is now equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments key to facilitate and promote modern chemical research. Through the collaborations with other departments and research institutes, including the Research center for New Generation Photovoltaics, the Departments of Physics, Atmospheric Sciences, Optical Sciences of NCU, Academia Sinica, and Industrial Technology Research Institute, the department of chemistry will make further progress in research and teaching