Lai, Chung-Kung
Name Lai, Chung-Kung
Research Interest 1.Mesogenic/metallomesogenic materials; synthesis, characterization, and study of electro-optical properties 2.Banana liquid crystals; organic and metal-containing LC’s exhibiting mesophases 3.Organometallic complexes used in light-emitting materials
School Name Degree
Fu-Jen University, ROC B.S.
Michigan State University, USA Ph.D.
Organization Title Duration
2014.01 ~ Up to today
2010.01 ~ 2014.01
2009.01 ~ 2009.01
2006.01 ~ 2009.01
2003.01 ~ 2006.01
1999.01 ~ Up to today
1993.01 ~ 1999.01
Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA 1991.01 ~ 1993.01
SUNY at Buffalo University, USA 1988.01 ~ 1991.01
Personal Honor
Honor Category Year Award Name Awarding Unit
Inside School Honor 2011
Inside School Honor 2010
Inside School Honor 2009
Personal Research
Personal Journal
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