Yuan-Peng Du
Assistant Professor
Name Yuan-Peng Du
Phone: (03) 4227151 ext. 65902
Website https://sites.google.com/view/nculcg/
Professional field:
Materials Chemistry,
Heterogeneous Catalysis,
Biomass Conversion
School Name Department Degree Duration
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Inst. of Chemical Sciences and Engineering Ph.D. 2016.03 ~ 2020.06
National Taiwan University Dept. of Chemistry Master 2013.09 ~ 2015.06
National Tsing Hua University Dept. of Chemistry Bachelor 2009.09 ~ 2013.06
Organization Title Department Job Title Duration
Academia Sinica Institute of Chemistry Postdoctoral scholar 2022.04 ~ 2023.07
Industrial Technology Research Institute Researcher 2021.06 ~ 2022.04
Personal Lab

Personal Journal
  1. A. M. Bahmanpour, B. le Monnier, Y.-P. Du, J. S. Luterbacher, and O. Kröcher*, Increasing the activity of the Cu/CuAl2O4/Al2O3 catalyst for the RWGS through preserving the Cu2+ ions. Chemical Communications, 2021, 57 (9), 1153-1156. (IF=6.2)
  2. W. Lan, Y.-P. Du, F. Héroguel, J. S. Luterbacher*,Hydrogenolysis of acetal protected lignin in continuous flow-through system. Green Chemistry, 2021, 23 (1), 320-327. (IF=10.2, SJR ranking: 13/128 in environmental chemistry)
  3. Y.-P. Du, A. Bahmanpour, L. Milosevic, F. Héroguel, O. Kröcher, J. S. Luterbacher*, Engineering the Pd-ZrO2 interface for selective CO2 hydrogenation by overcoating atomically dispersed pre-catalyst. ACS Catalysis, 2020, 10 (20), 12058-12070. (IF=13.0, SJR ranking: 4/60 in catalysis)
  4. Y.-P. Du, J. S. Luterbacher*, Designing heterogeneous catalysts for renewable catalysis applications using metal oxide deposition. CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry, 2019, 73 (9), 698-706.
  5. Y.-P. Du, F. Héroguel, X. T. Nguyen, J. S. Luterbacher*, Post-synthesis deposition of mesoporous niobic acid with improved thermal stability by kinetically controlled sol-gel overcoating. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2019, 7, 23803-2381. (Selected as back cover) (IF=12.7, SJR ranking: 25/638 in material)
  6. Y.-P. Du, F. Héroguel, J. S. Luterbacher*, Slowing the kinetics of alumina sol-gel chemistry for controlled catalyst overcoating and improved catalyst stability and selectivity. Small, 2018, 14, 1801733. (IF=13.2, SJR ranking: 23/638 in material)
  7. F. Héroguel, L. Silvioli, Y.-P. Du, J. S. Luterbacher*, Controlled deposition of titanium oxide overcoats by non-hydrolytic sol gel for improved catalyst selectivity and stability. Journal of Catalysis, 2018, 358, 50-61. (IF=7.9, SJR ranking: 8/60 in catalysis)
  8. Y.-P. Du, H.-H. Chang, S.-Y. Yang, S.-J. Huang, Y.-J. Tsai, J. J.-T. Huang, J. C. C. Chan*, Study of binding interaction between Pif80 protein fragment and aragonite. Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 30883. (IF=4.3)